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Associate Members

Membership Benefit

Leadership Participation

Nominate a representative to the Leadership Committee.

Expert Consultation

Facilitate consultation with our advisory board experts

Legal Assistance

Joint consultation with our legal partners on industry-wide litigation and opinions

Standards & Certification

  • Nominate a representative to the Leadership Committee.
  • Eligible for our Seal and Certification Program

  • Networking Opportunities

    Participate in member meetings.

    Policy Engagement

  • Contribute to and participate in policy advocacy
  • Receive regular updates on the policy landscape regarding online skill games

  • Knowledge Resources

  • Access our comprehensive knowledge base
  • Receive periodic updates on the industry and gaming landscape in India
  • Engage in knowledge-sharing workshops
  • Initiate industry-specific research projects
  • Contribute to our newsletter

  • Recognition & Branding

  • Membership certificate and logo display on our website
  • Brand mention in our public relations materials

  • Quality Assurance

    Annual audits and reviews to ensure adherence to industry standards.

    Collaborative Events

    Participate in collaborative events and competitions.

    Training & Development

    Access to training programs and workshops for skill enhancement.

    Technology Support

    Support for implementing indigenous technology interventions.

    Certification Programs

    Exclusive access to specialized certification programs for various aspects of game development and operation.

    Market Insights

    Access to detailed market analysis and industry reports.

    Innovation Grants

    Eligibility for innovation grants and funding opportunities.

    Community Building

    Opportunities to engage and collaborate with other industry players.

    Game Showcases

    Participate in game showcases and expos to highlight new’ developments

    Customer Support Initiatives

    Guidance or enhancing customer support and engagement strategies.

    Associate Membership

    Uniform Membership Fee

    • The annual membership fee of 10,00,000 INR is set uniformly to ensure equal access to high-quality services and resources for all companies, regardless of their market capitalization.

    Comprehensive Services

    • This single fee covers a wide range of essential services, including legal support, certification programs, policy advocacy, and access to expert consultation, providing excellent value for money.

    Equal Growth Opportunity

    • By maintaining a uniform fee structure, we ensure that all member companies, from startups to established firms, have equal opportunities to benefit from the federation's resources and initiatives.

    Enhanced Standards

    • Your membership helps us uphold and enhance industry standards through our accreditation and certification programs, which in turn benefits all members by promoting a trustworthy and competitive market environment

    Networking and Collaboration

    • The membership fee grants access to exclusive networking opportunities, collaborative events, and industry meetings, facilitating strategic partnerships and business growth.

    Policy Influence

    • Participate in shaping the future of the online gaming industry by engaging in policy advocacy efforts. Your membership ensures your voice is heard in important regulatory discussions.

    Knowledge and Innovation

    • Gain unrestricted access to our knowledge resources, including market insights, research projects, and training programs, keeping your company at the forefront of industry innovation.

    Visibility and Recognition

    • Enhance your company's visibility and market presence through our recognition and branding initiatives, including the display of membership certificates and logos on our platform.

    Ethical and Responsible Gaming

    • By joining the federation, you demonstrate your commitment to ethical and responsible gaming practices, aligning with global standards and fostering a positive industry reputation.