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Fair & Responsible

Skillhub Online Gaming Federation

SOGF tested, approved, and certified platforms exemplify these values, guaranteeing a trustworthy gaming experience. We have partnered with various government bodies and private institutions to foster these principles across India’s online gaming sector.

SOG Federation stands as the authoritative voice in ensuring fair, ethical, and responsible gaming for all. Join us in setting the standard for excellence in online gaming.

We are committed to promoting fair, ethical, and responsible gaming in India.

As the national leader in the online gaming sector, we uphold the highest standards to protect and empower our players.

Our Responsible Gaming model ensures:

Fair Play:

We ensure all gaming platforms adhere to the highest standards of fairness and integrity.

Data Protection:

We ensure that gaming platforms keep your personal information safe. We enforce stringent data protection protocols across India.

Assistance for Vulnerable Players:

We provide robust support systems to assist players who may be at risk.

Responsible Marketing:

Our marketing practices are ethical and targeted towards promoting skill-based games only.

Healthy Competitiveness:

We foster a spirit of healthy competition across various online games, encouraging players to excel while maintaining respect and sportsmanship.

Regulatory Compliance:

Our platforms strictly follow the latest regulations and guidelines set forth by the IT Laws 2023.

Player Education:

We offer resources and programs to educate players about responsible gaming practices.

Community Engagement:

We actively engage with the gaming community to promote awareness and best practices for responsible gaming.

Mental Health Support:

We collaborate with mental health professionals to provide support and resources for players in need.