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Membership Criteria for
Gaming Industry


Membership Criteria for Gaming Industry

Join us and become our Gaming Industry Member

Our members are expected to adhere to the SOG federation's
standards and guidelines to become our Member

Registered Business Entity

  • Must be a legally registered company in India.
  • Provide a valid company registration certificate.

  • Compliance with IT Laws

  • Must adhere to the Information Technology (IT) Laws of India, including the IT Act 2000 and IT Rules 2023.
  • Ensure data protection and privacy measures are in line with national regulations.

  • Certifications and Standards

  • Obtain ISO certification for information security management (ISO 27001) and quality management (ISO 9001).
  • Achieve PCI DSS compliance for secure payment processing.
  • Ensure platforms are certified for fair play by recognized bodies.

  • Fair Play and Ethical Standards

  • Implement and maintain a certified Random Number Generator (RNG) for game outcomes.
  • Adhere to “No-bot” certification standards to ensure human player integrity.
  • Uphold a strict code of conduct that prohibits cheating, fraud, and unethical behavior.

  • Financial Transparency

  • Maintain transparent financial records and undergo regular audits.
  • Ensure timely payment of all applicable taxes and fees.

  • Player Protection and Responsible Gaming

  • Implement measures to assist vulnerable players and promote responsible gaming.
  • Ensure robust mechanisms for player data protection and secure payment gateways.
  • Maintain clear and accessible self-exclusion and player support systems.

  • Regulatory Approvals

  • Secure necessary approvals and licenses from relevant state and national authorities.
  • Ensure compliance with state-specific gaming regulations.

  • Technological Infrastructure:

  • Maintain a robust technological infrastructure to support fair, secure, and seamless gaming experiences.
  • Regularly update and secure gaming platforms against cyber threats.

  • Dispute Resolution Mechanism

  • Establish a fair and transparent dispute resolution mechanism for player grievances.
  • Ensure timely and effective handling of all player complaints.
  • Contribution to the Gaming Ecosystem

  • Actively participate in initiatives to promote and develop the gaming industry in India.
  • Contribute to the federation’s mission of promoting fair, ethical, and responsible gaming.

  • By meeting these criteria, gaming companies will not only align with the SOG Federation’s high standards but also contribute to the growth and integrity of the Indian gaming industry.