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Membership Criteria for
Gaming Federation

Membership Criteria for Gaming Federation

Join us and become our Gaming Federation Member

Our members are expected to adhere to the SOG Federation's
standards and guidelines to become our member
Must be a registered organization

Federations must be legally registered entities in their respective states.

Must have a minimum number of active gamers

Federations must have a certain number of active gamers who participate in online gaming competitions regularly

Must follow a code of conduct

Federations must adhere to a strict code of conduct that promotes fair play, sportsmanship, and integrity in online gaming

Must pay a membership fee

Federations are required to pay an annual membership fee to maintain their status as a member of the Federation.

Additional Criteria for Federations

In addition to the basic membership criteria, federations must also meet the following additional criteria:

Must have a dedicated training program

Federations must have a structured training program for gamers to enhance their skills and knowledge in online gaming. Training programs should cover a variety of topics such as game mechanics, strategy, and teamwork.

Must have a competitive team

Federations must have a competitive team that represents them in online gaming tournaments and competitions. Competitive teams should be composed of skilled and dedicated gamers who demonstrate excellence in their gameplay.

Must have a positive reputation

Federations must have a positive reputation in the online gaming community, with a track record of fair play and good sportsmanship.